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Scaffolding Tags and Holders - ABOUT US

It is the need of our customers and their trust in our abilities that help us produce the right product for them as per their requirements.

A complete range of Scaffolding tags and their holders were being made available for their usage at the construction sites internationally. Customers are happy to get the goods as per their own designs / logos and colours as per their requirements in their own countries.

A complete range of versatile tagging systems is available to our customers at one point. Competitive prices and friendly one on one service by our technical team, have made us grow every year by serving our range of customers - worldwide.

Our products have been praised by our customers and their appreciation have strengthen us to produce the best for them and encouraged us to always ready to produce something of the other new for them to avoid workplace accidents and fatalities.

New developments are being done on the industry feedback as they require the tag that didn’t rip, tear or fade. Even in the places like oil rigs at sea / underground mine sites / on remote construction sites in Saudi or sub zero temperature sites in Europe or America or desert areas of Australia or Africa, ….. our products have proven their worth and have always being preferred for their durability and prices.

Our commitment to integrating innovative technologies and continually expanding our sales initiatives has led us to include private branding products for wholesale partners and resulted in steady, sustained growth over the past number of years.


We at Scaffoldingtags.com are engaged in manufacturing the scaffolding tags and tag holders as per the prevailing various international standards and as per the requirements of our customers in different formats and designs.

8 different type of basic scaffolding tag holder models are available to all the companies to order from. Traders and resellers can order for these tags and holders in normal universally accepted formats.

One can feel free to let us know the customization they need like…

  • Putting their company logos on the tags or tag holders
  • Numbering on the tags or tag holders (Alpha – Numeric formats)
  • Different colour of tag holders or tags etc.
  • Specialize packing can be done as per the requirement of our customers in corrugated boxes / PVC casings / pouches etc. With or without the marking pens, cable ties of various lengths and sizes, etc. as per the requirement of their sites / working environments / company or govt. policy and procedures.
  • Tags and Holders in all the possible languages (text supplied by our customers) of our planet earth

All these services are available on the orders of multiple of 100 Sets…. at a reasonable cost depending on the work involved.….. and so let our customers feel free to design their own products to achieves success in their business and at the same time observe the best safety practices / standards that their fellow countrymen follow by reading the instructions in their own language.

More types of tags and tag holders are available with us for other industrial applications. Just mail us to have more information on them……

Send your queries to sale@esquare.info, lotowala@gmail.com

or call 0091 8750 175 175 - Mr. Sanjay


scaffolding tag kit standard

Scaffolding Tag Kit - Standard

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scaffolding tag ki flat base

Scaffolding Tag Kit - Flat Base

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scaffolding tag kit round base

Scaffolding Tag Kit - Round Base

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scaffolding tag kit premier

Scaffolding Tag Kit - Premier

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scaffolding tag kit claw type standard

Scaffolding Tag Kit Claw Type - Standard

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scaffolding tag kit claw type premier

Scaffolding Tag Kit Claw Type - Premier

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scaffolding tag kit big white

Scaffolding Tag Kit - Big White

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yellow scaffolding tag kit big

Scaffolding Tag Kit - Big Yellow

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other scaffolding tags

Other Scaffolding Tag / Insert

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loading tags for scaffolding tag holder

Loading Scaffolding Tag / Insert

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economy scaffolding tags

Economy Scaffolding Tags

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red scaffolding tags

Red Scaffolding Tags

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green scaffold tag

Green Scaffolding Tags

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Yellow Color scaffolding tags

Yellow Scaffolding Tags

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